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Short Review by Joan Norton:
Sandra Pope’s book, Growing Up Without The Goddess, takes us with a smart, sensitive, brave Southern girl-child to a story of growing up through neglect and abuse to wonderful recovery within the “arms of the Mother” in the person of Mary Magdalene... more

Long Review by Joan Norton:
Author Sandra Pope was kind enough to thank me in the dedication of her book, but I’m really writing this review as a “Magdalene community” member, one of those who work to raise awareness of Mary Magdalene as the sacred  ... more

Growing Up Without the Goddess is a beautiful personal/mythic history, deepened by your willingness to trace your journey with such care, with such love for The Divine Feminine. Your book shines with Her!
- Holly Prado, poet and novelist, These Mirrors Prove It: Selected Poems and Prose; Esperanza; Specific Mysteries; Gardens.

Sandra Rollins, Author

Sandra Pope

Growing Up Without the Goddess is the I Never Promised You a Rose Garden for sexual abuse. This book is cutting-edge mind-body-spirit medicine and a must-read for therapists, theologians, spiritual directors, gynecologists, and anyone in the helping professions. It is a powerful, personal, spiritual case study that demonstrates the great process of Jungian ... more

"Your journey in Growing Up Without the Goddess into a place of healing is an inspiration, and I'm sure it will touch many hearts. . .There is value for others to see how you were transformed through your encounter with Mary Magdalene--who accepts us all, stories and all--into her embrace.”
- Margaret Starbird, M.A., The Woman With the Alabaster Jar; The Feminine Face of Christianity; Magdalene's Lost Legacy; Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile, and The Goddess in the Gospels.

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