Short Review by Joan Norton:
Sandra Pope’s book, Growing Up Without The Goddess, takes us with a smart, sensitive, brave Southern girl-child to a story of growing up through neglect and abuse to wonderful recovery within the “arms of the Mother” in the person of Mary Magdalene.

This book helps all women who have felt temporarily weakened by abuse to know they can gain strength in a grounded, beautiful, practical relationship to our feminine “divinity within” which brings deep healing.

Sandra Pope’s spiritual memoir tells a Southern story of abuse, which is also a story of recovery of the Sacred Feminine that is within each little girl who suffers. Her personal story becomes our collective story of loss of the protection of our spiritual birthright of the Sacred Feminine.

We love this little girl and her tale of constant adaptation to the world of masculine values, and we are so happy that in the
end she returns to the Mother God, and her healing is complete.

We learn from her brave detective work on her own psyche that the inner journey of recovery of the “feminine face of God”
is the great work we are all engaged in – and maybe it is abused women who are leading the way.

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