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This spiritual memoir takes the reader through a coming-of-age story with a wild-child who returns to the South as an intuitive adult to uncover the secret wounds of her past. Haunting memories, dreams, and visions lead to shocking revelations about all who grow up in a culture that does not honor the goddess.

Growing Up Without the Goddess

A Journey through Sexual Abuse to the Sacred Embrace of Mary Magdalene

Sandra Pope

Her twin daughters are two years old, and her life finally feels stable, when suddenly Sandra Pope feels a familiar wobble inside her, the way a star must feel the wobble in its orbit when a black hole is nearby. Something old and dark and self-destructive, which must be stopped, has been activated within her. Sandra begins a twenty-five year spiritual journey that takes her through the past and back to the South to discover and dissolve lifelong punishing patterns she believes were caused by a secret abuser when she was a child. When the past does not reveal her hidden abuser’s identity, no one believes she was abused until Sandra receives healing visions from Mary Magdalene. These visions disclose her abuser’s identity and expose deeply disturbing truths for all who grow up without the goddess.

“A smart, sensitive, brave story of recovery...”
– Joan Norton, author of THE MARY MAGDALENE WITHIN –

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